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Using the Right Strategies in Poker

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Poker Strategies: Behavioral Ploys

Here are some tactics you can deploy so your opponents on the poker table would misread you:

1. The Systemization and Blandness Ploy

This strategy is used so that you prevent your opponents from reading your hand or even sense your strategy. To pull this off, you should systematize your procedures in observing your opponents, your physical movements, your verbal expressions and your vocal tones.

Contrary to the common conception, this is not acting. To be a good poker player, you have to have a bland behavior, and not have acting skills. You should minimize your readable patterns and tells, often confuse and frustrate your opponents and allow more concentration.

Improvised acting during the hand game is often ineffective because the behavior you're showing does not develop into a well-planned action. Instead while playing in the hand, what a player can do is deviate from his behavior when he knows a certain behavior will cause his opponents to do a desired move (like fold, call, bet or raise).


To vary your personality creates a good advantage. There are certain kinds of personality that you can employ. The first being the unfriendly and intimidating type of personality, which is best used when you're against opponents who are pros. A congenial personality is best when you're playing in a friendly or your regular private games. This makes the more reasons why good players won't develop their skills that much in a friendly game.

3. Introvert and extravert

These personality types are employed so you would appear opposite to the general behavior of players in the table. For instance, when playing against opponents who are dead quiet and serious, employ an extraverted personality. In a boisterous game, appear introverted.

4. Deception

Poker is the only game that make deception a virtue, except of course, cheating. You are allowed to deceive in the game and still remain a gentleman. Behavior can be a good cover to conceal facts about yourself and it makes a good ground to bring up a lie.

5. Concealment of desires

Whatever you desire in the game, if it is spotted it can be turned against you. It is better for you to induce that desire for your opponents to follow by employing deceptions.

6. Concealment of facts

To avoid unfavorable decisions from your opponents, conceal information about yourself. Usually, when you're in a winning streak, turn opponents away from that fact by redirecting attention to other players by praising them. When losing, build the fact that you are losing. But when your opponents lose, don't mention of their lose.


    Play Only at the Best Poker Freerolls

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    Enjoying a Game of Online Poker

    Before joining an online poker game, you must first learn everything about the game so that you can do well. Like what kind of table to join, what kind of players to look out for and others. You just have to remember that do not continue playing if you are already losing.

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